Support our environmental defenders.

Environmental defenders all over the world are fighting to protect human rights relating to the environment, including water, air, land, flora and fauna.

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Why it matters.

Environmental defenders all over the world are fighting to protect human rights relating to the environment, including water, air, land, flora and fauna.

What it is about.

Indigenous people and local communities are at the forefront of defending biodiversity and the environment, while bearing the brunt of the climate-induced crisis.

– Eva Okoth, who works on a pioneering legal team specializing in human rights, and is a senior program officer at Natural Justice, part of the wildlife cause. 

This cause supports organizations working with a broad spectrum of approaches including both development of new technologies and looking at traditional and well-adapted methods. We recognize that Indigenous knowledge plays an important part in this and by learning from and adapting traditional systems we can enable responsible conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. 

There are 14 organizations within the environmental defenders cause, you can see all organizations here.

The work being done within the cause.

Building resilient rural communities, by investing in small-scale infrastructure solutions, such as solar panels, water pumps and food production systems, to help rural communities flourish. For example EcoSwell, who is developing a water purifier that runs on solar power, with the goal of supplying coastal communities in Peru with fresh water during dry periods.

Supporting Indigenous and local community rights, to ensure continuity of sustainable land use practices, reduce land-related conflicts and prevent biodiversity loss. For example ProPurús, who works with promoting Indigenous land rights in the Amazon, which in turn keeps these biodiverse areas unexploited. 

Supports climate policy and justice, through advocating for policy change in divestment from fossil fuels, sustainable land use options, and a just climate transition that leaves no one behind. For example Earthlife Africa, who works with promoting renewable energy technology, to help set South Africa on a low-carbon development path. 

Quick facts about this cause.

United Nations Sustainability Goals related to projects in cause: #2 Zero Hunger, #6 Clean Water & Sanitation, #7 Affordable & Clean Energy, #10 Reduced Inequality, #13 Climate Action, #16 Peace & Justice Strong Institutions

Number of organizations in cause: 14

Number of project locations in cause: 41

Read more about how the projects are chosen for the cause in the Impact Framework.

More about the Season of giving.

Together with our strategic partner Milkywire we have established four causes, grouped together in thematic areas: oceans; forests and open landscapes; wildlife and biodiversity; environmental defenders. The causes have been defined based on our Give One Impact framework.  We are engaging our consumers to help distribute $1M of our 1% pledge money across these four environmental causes, this Holiday season, read more about the campaign here.

About the photo

Indigenous Samburu people, Kenya. Photo by Milkywire.