What is Give One?

Give One is a call-to-action and a challenge to make an impact. Launched in 2021 and powered by Klarna in collaboration with Milkywire, a tech platform for impact, Give One makes it easier for consumers, retailers, and partners to come together and help solve the planet health crisis. And we do it transparently and inclusively, so that everyone can get involved and understand their own impact. 

There is an urgent need to scale up finance for preserving nature and solving global heating. Scientists tell us the next 10 years matter most in preventing catastrophic climate change and bending the curve on biodiversity loss. So it’s time to act.

The 1% pledge

On Earth Day 2021, Klarna committed 1% of all future funding rounds to planet health initiatives. That number’s currently at $16.5M. We’re in the process of wrapping up allocating $9M to initiatives around the world, and we’re just getting started. But since we can’t do this alone, we want to enable everyone to easily give to projects and organizations that make a difference.

Our impact framework

Give One is guided by a framework designed to help us to put impact at the center of funding decisions.

Give One's primary focus is on initiatives which aim to bring benefits to biodiversity, climate and people. As these fields are so interlinked, it will enable us to both mitigate risks of doing harm and maximize impact.

Local organizations play an important role in finding effective solutions to support long-term change. But prioritizing these local organizations isn’t a given in mainstream funding, with very little money actually reaching them.

We prioritize funding locally rooted organizations that represent and involve affected communities – which means more context-specific solutions that are both socially and environmentally sustainable.

How we approach funding

Many organizations face challenging and unpredictable funding situations, with multiple donors only providing short-term and restricted funding, sometimes not even covering the total costs of their operations. This can lead to unnecessary administration, stress, and inefficiencies and divert valuable time and resources from their mission. To be the best partners and donors, we commit to making it easier and better.

We take a collaborative approach, co-funding organizations with other donors where possible to reduce their administration and providing flexible and long-term funding so that organizations can spend as much time as possible on making a difference for the planet.

Frequently asked questions