Restoring our forests and landscapes.

We need to protect and restore our forests and open landscapes on a larger scale than ever before – without them, ecosystems will collapse.

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Why it matters.

We need to protect and restore our forests and open landscapes on a larger scale than ever before – without them, ecosystems will collapse.

What is it about.

Forests play a vital role in ecosystems, and their contribution as a nature-based solution for climate change resilience is enormous. 

– Constantino Aucca, an Indigenous leader and biologist who coordinates Acción Andina, part of the forests and landscapes cause. 

Aucca was recently named a Champion of the Earth by the UNEP, for his inspiring and significant 30-year career in community-based conservation in South America.  This cause supports innovative approaches to landscape conservation. A healthy landscape means a network of resilient and thriving terrestrial ecosystems. It includes everything from rainforests and woodlands to wetlands, grasslands, and the glaciers in the mountains.

The work being done within the cause.

Protecting and restoring forests and planting trees, enhancing and reintroducing native tree species in order to create natural and sustainable regeneration. For example ARBIO Peru, who is protecting thousand-year old “mother trees” in the Amazon from being cut down and made into expensive floors, sold on the Asian market.

Protecting and restoring open landscapes, to maintain biodiversity, mitigate droughts and floods, capture carbon and contribute to climate stability. For example RWCA, who is working with preserving the wetlands of Rwanda and its wildlife from being exploited and lost. These areas are crucial for biodiversity. 

Stopping deforestation and overexploitation, to protect climate, biodiversity and forest-dependent communities. For example HAkA, who is working to protect the Indonesian rainforest and its biodiversity through lawsuits and community campaigns.

Quick facts about this cause.

United Nations Sustainability Goals related to projects in cause: #13 Climate Action, #15 Life On Land

Number of organizations in cause: 17

Number of project locations in cause: 59

Read more about how the projects are chosen in the Impact Framework.

More about the Season of giving.

Together with our strategic partner Milkywire we have established four causes, grouped together in thematic areas: oceans; forests and open landscapes; wildlife and biodiversity; environmental defenders. The causes have been defined based on our Give One Impact framework.  We are engaging our consumers to help distribute $1M of our 1% pledge money across these four environmental causes, this Holiday season, read more about the campaign here.

About the photo

High altitude tree planting in the Andes mountains, South America. Photo by Acción Andina.