Protecting the Amazon and its people.

Meet Gaia Amazonas, protecting the Amazon rainforest together with its inhabitants.

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This is part of our Meet the Organization series–a collection of deep dives into the initiatives receiving larger, dedicated support from Klarna’s 1% pledge, and what they hope to achieve with it. 

Initiative: Gaia Amazonas

Main focus: Support environmental defenders 

UN Sustainable Development Goals: 15-life on land

Areas of operation: West Amazon region of Columbia


The Amazon is the world's largest and best preserved rainforest in the world. It is of crucial importance for our climate and the survival of humans and wildlife, as it’s considered “a system that supports life”. However, the latest scientific facts tell us that at 25% of forest loss, the Amazon would reach the tipping point and ecosystem services would collapse. Today, the Amazon is at a 17% deforestation threshold and is going through the most intense deforestation crisis in its history. Gaia Amazonas supports the sustainable management of this singular biocultural diverse region by facilitating and enabling effective indigenous governance systems and promoting adequate legal frameworks in place. 


The strategic focus that Give One supports will contribute to the following: 

  1. Indigenous Communities and Territories: This is achieved by the consolidation of the indigenous governments and the implementation of the indigenous institutions. 

  2. Strategic Incidence and Communications: Seeks to contribute to strategic decision makers on different levels (local, territorial, national and international) implementing actions to protect the Amazon. 

  3. Regional Conservation Strategies: Contributing to a regional coordinated multi-actor agenda, hand in hand with the organizations of the North Amazon Alliance, that seeks the biocultural connectivity in the northern region of the Amazon river.

  4. Intercultural Knowledge and Dialogues: Contributing to intercultural knowledge being the basis for decisions made for the protection of the Amazon.


Since the 1970s, the Gaia Amazonas team has worked with indigenous communities, strengthening their governance. It’s an interdisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experiences, who approach the processes from a holistic perspective. 

Interested in contributing to planet health causes like Gaia Amazonas? You can donate through our strategic sustainability partner Milkywire (LINK).