Our planet needs help.

Meet some of the organizations Give One are supporting, that are doing crucial work to restore the health of our planet. 

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The top three most severe risks facing the world in the coming decade - climate action failure, extreme weather and biodiversity loss - are all related to the environment (World Economic Forum, 2022). As you can tell, the planet needs our help. So far we have committed funding to 15 different initiatives around the world, to support the planet. And together with the Klarna consumers we have donated 2,375,341 SEK, since the launch of Give One during 2021.

Meet some of the organizations Give One are supporting, that are doing crucial work to restore the health of our planet. 

Acción Andina

Acción Andina(powered by Global Forest Generation) is a large-scale, community-led, collaborative effort to protect and restore one million hectares of high Andean native forest ecosystems over the 25 years period. The funds support the work of over 10 local organizations across 8 countries to protect remaining forests and reforest previously forested areas. These efforts are crucial for water security in the region, carbon storage and biodiversity, while also improving livelihoods for community members by generating seasonal and year-round jobs.

CORDIO East Africa

Coral reefs and other marine ecosystems protect coastal communities, supply habitat for marine species, and provide local jobs. But the sustainability of marine coastal communities and ecosystems in eastern Africa is increasingly challenged by climate change, overexploitation of fisheries, inadequate governance, and changing demographic and social patterns. The funds supports CORDIO’s work to empower local communities to manage the oceans resources sustainably and protect and restore the marine ecosystems, while also identifying solutions that build their resilience to climate change and other threats.

Fundación Gaia Amazonas

The Amazon rainforest is of vital importance for the entire world. Gaia Amazonas protects it hand-in-hand with the Indigenous people that inhabit it, imbued by the knowledge of its communities, who have used and preserved it for millennia. The funds support their work with 16 indigenous led municipalities in Colombia to support the governance of their territories, directly covering an area of 18 million hectares. 

International Climate Cryosphere Initiative (ICCI)

The cryosphere is hugely important for regulating the Earth's climate, and to protect it, we must reduce fossil fuel use immediately. ICCI works to protect these frozen regions through science, advocacy and local action to reduce emissions in communities near cryosphere regions. The funds support their work to bring the science of the cryosphere to decision makers at international and national level and demonstrate the urgency of taking action in line with the Paris Agreement, as well as their efforts to reduce black carbon emissions in near cryosphere regions to fight pollution, its impact on ecosystems and global warming. 

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