Give One's Progress report: Field Efforts and Impact in the Amazon.

This progress report highlights the Amazon region, its challenges and how we can all help when it comes to preserving and protecting it.

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The Amazon rainforest hosts unmatched biodiversity and is of unparalleled importance to the world’s ecosystems — meaning that its significance to all things living is momentous and requires our full attention. The Amazon rainforest is under severe threats of deforestation occurring from overexploitation of its resources for mining, oil extraction, agricultural production and livestock grazing, amongst other purposes. Scientific estimates suggest that no less than 18% of the Amazon Forest has been substituted by agriculture and that over 60% of that remaining has been significantly degraded. In other words: the time to act is now. 

The Amazon organizations — who they are and what they do 

We acknowledge the Amazon’s significance as a critical area on our planet that demands attention and conservation efforts.This is why we have offered and implemented support through sustainable funding and adaptable structures for several projects and organizations with the aim of conserving the Amazon. The report highlights three Amazon-focused organizations receiving funding from Give One. They all achieved significant milestones last year and were involved in a wide range of proactive operations, from supporting Indigenous and local communities in exercising their land rights, to implementing conservation actions. 

Human Rights Watch is one of the world’s largest human rights advocacy organizations, working to defend the rights of people in nearly 100 countries. Their environmental strategy focuses on protecting the individuals who are safeguarding our planet’s forests.

Amazon Frontlines is an international group of human rights lawyers, environmental activists, forestry specialists, environmental health scientists, filmmakers, journalists, anthropologists, and farmers.Through their partnership with the Ceibo Alliance, they have protected over 720,000 acres of land and established legal precedent to protect 28 million acres.

Fundación Gaia Amazonas works with 16 organizations covering 18 million hectares of rainforest – an area the size of Portugal. Their mission is to protect the Amazon hand in hand with the Indigenous communities.

With this report, we aim to amplify these voices from the field to give insights into the struggles they face and the knowledge they possess about conserving the Amazon. Together, we can all help to highlight the challenges that the Amazon is facing and support organizations and action plans that work to protect the Amazon region.

Read the full report here.