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The 1% pledge.

Klarna is committing 1% of all funding rounds to planet health initiatives. Starting with $10M USD towards conservation, mitigation, and restoration efforts for climate and biodiversity. And because we want others to do the same, we want to make it simple to follow suit. Enabling easy giving to projects that make a difference.

The planet needs $75 trillion in investments to deliver on the Paris Agreement.

Imagine if other private or pre-IPO companies gave 1% back too? If we were to apply our logic to last year’s largest private funding rounds, this number would reach $220M.

As pre-IPO companies, we raise capital to drive our businesses forward. When we choose to spend that money, the overarching aim is growth. Growth, growth, growth. Yet, this capital is rarely allocated to natural growth—to a healthy climate and a thriving planet that ensures all businesses and their customers can continue to exist. Until now.

Join us. Give One.

We are determined to approach the climate and biodiversity challenge with urgency and optimism. If we act smart and we act fast, we can have a meaningful, positive, and lasting impact. If you would like to join our 1% pledge or see ways we can collaborate together, we’d love to hear from you.

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Start small and learn fast.

We know a thing or two about targeting the right problems with the right resources. Our ability to stay nimble, start small, and learn fast, has taken us far and will guide us on this journey. Instead of creating new layers and bureaucracy, we aim to create a structure that makes it easy for others to take the pledge and Give One back to the planet.

Go to the source

We believe nimble and locally rooted organizations with passionate leaders, a proven track record, and a clear vision have the greatest potential for impact.

Deliver results

To bring about quality results, it’s crucial we take a tech and solution-driven approach. That’s why our giving will be powered by Milkywire, a digital platform for impact, to create transparency, highlight stories from the work, and enable Klarna consumers to support the same initiatives.

Long term growth

We love to challenge the status quo, but we also know keeping a long-term view is essential to make a real impact. We want to create stability and predictability for those organizations we champion by supporting them for a longer time frame.

Transparency and inclusion

At Klarna, we choose courage over comfort and dare to engage in difficult conversations and decisions. That’s why we’ll share our learnings, failures, and actions openly in the hope that others are inspired to get involved.

Iterate, iterate, iterate

Everything we do can be improved upon. We don’t pretend we have all the answers. We will test, learn, and improve. This is a new area for us, so we will rely on experts to guide us forward.

Where we’re donating the 1%.

With our own experience behind us and experts to guide us, we will create stability and predictability for organizations we champion by supporting them over time.

Restoring & protecting biodiversity:

A thriving natural world is the only option for all life on this planet. Our support will protect land, oceans, and wildlife across the globe.

Tackling climate change:

The future of a more stable and prosperous climate is rooted in the reduction and removal of greenhouse gas emissions. Our support will finance projects like cutting-edge carbon removal initiatives, reforestation, and advocacy to push the world away from fossil fuels.

Join us. Give One.

If you would like to join our 1% pledge or see ways to collaborate, we’d love to hear from you.

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