Urgently preserving the Earth’s frozen areas.

Meet the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative, an organization protecting the Earth’s cryosphere.

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This is part of our Meet the Organization series–a collection of deep dives into the initiatives receiving larger, dedicated support from Klarna’s 1% pledge, and what they hope to achieve with it.

Initiative: International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI)

Main focus: Support environmental defenders

UN Sustainable Development Goals: 13 - Climate Action

Areas of operation: Cryosphere regions (mainly the Arctic, Antarctica, Andes, Himalayas but also other high mountain regions globally)

WHY WE GIVE ONE The Earth’s frozen areas, or the cryosphere, are melting due to climate change. The consequences are catastrophic for the entire planet — to protect remaining ice, we must reduce fossil fuel use immediately. The International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI) is a network of senior policy experts and researchers who work with governments and organizations to highlight, inform, develop solutions, and fund local action for the cryosphere regions around the world. Policy advice and support to governments, non-profit organizations and information to the general public has never been more important. ICCI is working to fill that gap with the urgency the cryosphere deserves.

HOW WE GIVE ONE With the support of Give One, ICCI will get flexible organizational support enabling them to carry out their mission more effectively, working on the combined fronts of grassroots efforts near cryosphere regions and international and national policy. Part of the funding to ICCI ensures that scientists and representatives from cryosphere regions can attend United Nations climate change negotiations, such as COP26 in Glasgow (2021) and the upcoming COP27 in Egypt – a country terribly vulnerable to sea-level rise (even 1 meter will make the ancient city of Alexandria an island). There, they participate in direct dialogue with policy makers, making sure to feed the latest science into these high-level policy discussions, with first-hand experiences especially from indigenous people living in and near these regions. On a practical front, black carbon emissions near cryosphere regions speed up ice and snow melt, and pose a threat to both health and biodiversity locally. Therefore, ICCI also works with Arctic and mountain communities to reduce such emissions, through addressing harmful open agricultural sector burning and health-damaging heating stoves.

MEET AN IMPACTER Helen Millman is the Antarctic Director and Postdoctoral Fellow at ICCI, and is responsible for promoting Antarctica! “Antarctica has the potential to hugely affect the lives of everyone on the planet,” she says. “It’s a very remote, far away place which means that it is easy to ignore, but it has the potential to devastate the world’s major cities and wipe low-lying countries off the map by the end of this century.” Helen’s work focuses on raising awareness of this important region.

Interested in learning more and contributing to ICCI and other organizations that fight climate change? You can donate through our strategic sustainability partner Milkywire, and follow ICCI’s progress.