Saving our oceans and seas.

Did you know that the ocean is the world’s largest carbon sink, meaning it absorbs more CO2 than all the trees on the planet?

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Why it matters.

Did you know that the ocean is the world’s largest carbon sink, meaning it absorbs more CO2 than all the trees on the planet?

What is it about.

My greatest hope is that we somehow connect people to the ocean, and they will be able to realize its true value.

– Dr Andrea Marshall, co-founder and principal scientist of Marine Megafauna Foundation, part of the oceans cause. 

The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth and covers more than 70% of the planet's surface. It provides us with half of the oxygen we breathe and it regulates our climate.

Marine ecosystems provide diverse habitats for numerous species that we rely on for food and livelihoods.

The work being done within the cause.

Protecting marine wildlife and their habitats, to restore resilient marine ecosystems, for the health of our oceans, and food security for millions of people globally. For example Marine Megafauna Foundation, who is researching rays and sharks, to better understand where to develop protected areas. 

Cleaning up and stopping overexploitation, to keep our oceans clean and plastic-free. For example Rena Mälaren, who is cleaning up toxic trash, like old boat batteries from the waters surrounding Stockholm. They pick up literally several tons of batteries every year.

Protect and restore blue forests, for example mangrove forests, these ecosystems are home to thousands of species, and help keep coastal people safe in the event of a hurricane. For example FoProBim who plant mangroves with communities in Haiti to protect the island from natural disasters.

Quick facts about the cause.

United Nations Sustainability Goals related to projects in cause: #14 Life Below Water

Number of organizations in cause: 17

Number of project locations in cause: 62

Read more about how the projects are chosen in the Impact Framework.

More about the Season of giving.

Together with our strategic partner Milkywire we have established four causes, grouped together in thematic areas: oceans; forests and open landscapes; wildlife and biodiversity; environmental defenders. The causes have been defined based on our Give One Impact framework.  We are engaging our consumers to help distribute $1M of our 1% pledge money across these four environmental causes, this Holiday season, read more about the campaign here.

About the photo

Dr Andrea Marshall ID:ing a whale shark in Mozambique. Photo by Marine Megafauna Foundation.