Protecting and restoring Rwanda’s wetlands.

Meet Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association. They’re focused on providing sustainable solutions to critical conservation issues. 

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This is part of our Meet the Organization series–a collection of deep dives into the initiatives receiving larger, dedicated support from Klarna’s 1% pledge, and what they hope to achieve with it. 

Initiative: Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association 

Main focus: Protect wildlife

UN Sustainable Development Goals: 15 - Life on Land

Areas of operation: Rwanda

WHY WE GIVE ONE Faced with a growing world population, increased development, and climate change, wildlife and natural habitats are paying the price. Rwanda is a small country with an incredible variety of biodiversity yet it is challenged by high population density and extreme poverty. This results in resources and land being overstretched and high competition between people and wildlife. The Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association (RWCA) aims to provide sustainable solutions to critical wildlife conservation issues in Rwanda and East Africa using a holistic and multidisciplinary approach. 

HOW WE GIVE ONE Give One will contribute to the goal of improving the management of at least 10,000 hectares of wetland across Rwanda through engaging communities in the restoration and protection. This will also have benefits for the communities, contributing to the livelihoods of nearly 2,000 community members living in nearby key wetland areas.

MEET AN IMPACTER Oliver Nsengimana is a vet and multiple award-winning conservationist fighting to save the endangered grey crowned crane from illegal wildlife trade and habitat loss, one of RWCA’s initiatives. “We believe that a lot of the problems the cranes in Rwanda are facing come from a lack of understanding amongst the general public,” Oliver says. “That’s why we are working to raise awareness about their vulnerability as well as the fact that they’re illegal to trade and keep in your garden. Thanks to our work, there are no more grey crowned cranes left in captivity in Rwanda today.”

Interested in learning more and contributing to RWCA and other organizations that protect wildlife? You can donate through our strategic sustainability partner Milkywire.