Help Ali, help the Animals.

We are determined to take action against the devastating drought in Kenya.

Posted: 2021-11-05

We are determined to take action against the devastating drought in Kenya. 

As part of the global climate change crisis, two critical consecutive rain seasons have failed in Kenya. Due to the intense drought situation there is no regeneration of vegetation, water sources have dried up and the death of wildlife and livestock has increased  - livestock that communities are completely dependent on for survival. 

It’s time for a little less conversation, a little more action.

Meet Ali.  Ali is an award-winning conservationist working at a landscape level to save the critically endangered hirola antelope and reticulated giraffe from going extinct. Give One is taking action to help Abudllahi Ali and his team at Hirola Conservation Organization who are working tirelessly to provide drinking water to the animals in the most affected areas from further effects from the ravaging drought.  With Give One funding we are able to support Ali’s mission to mitigate the consequences of the drought by providing financial means in order to keep livestock alive, access water and food as well as prevent various opportunistic diseases that emerge with fragile humanitarian situations.  Our goal is to follow, support and bring awareness to Ali’s impact for the next 6 months as we hope that by then, we are able to witness a much needed rain season.  We believe everyone has a responsibility to develop a sustainable future that’s why we want to encourage everyone to participate and support Abudllahi Ali and his team at the Hirola Conservation Organization, by taking action and making a donation. * All our initiatives are in line with our Impact Framework, with focus on planet health action initiatives, specifically targeted towards conservation, mitigation, and restoration efforts for the climate and biodiversity.