Dialogue to push for change at COP26.

Scientists and representatives from cryosphere regions attended COP26, thanks to Give One.

Posted: 2021-12-10

Putting a group of people from different spheres into one room may not seem that complicated. But, when it comes to getting indigenous leaders, scientists, policymakers, and youth activists to discuss the challenges connected to climate change with each other, it can be truly challenging. COP26 was, however, the place to make it happen.

Give One contributed to the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative, ICCI, to ensure that a number of scientists and representatives from cryosphere regions (the areas of our planet covered with ice and snow) could attend COP26 this year. And more importantly, participate in panel discussions and dialogues with policymakers and activists. Bringing that combination of people together could take years to pull off outside of COP, but with the help of Give One funding, it was made possible in Glasgow this November. 

So why does it matter that these people actually meet and hear each other out? First of all, COP is all about connections and relationships. It’s also about pushing the ongoing negotiations and agenda. And that’s exactly what ICCI did. They did it through discussions and connections, through hosting more than 80 events during the two weeks, through ensuring that policymakers are informed with the latest science and the perspectives of affected communities, and last but not least; through getting the cryosphere mentioned in the crucial offspring of this major global climate summit: the final text.