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It’s time to act.

There is an urgent need to scale up finance for preserving nature and halting climate change. Scientists tell us the next 10 years matter most in preventing a catastrophic global climate crisis and bending the curve on biodiversity loss.

With Give One we want to address the jointly interdependent crisis of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Our mission.

Inspired by the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Give One stands behind the vision that human society can and should continue developing and thriving, but equitably and sustainably, within the boundaries of the planet. It is based on the notion that limiting global warming to ensure a habitable climate and protecting biodiversity are mutually supporting goals, and their achievement is essential for sustainably and equitably providing benefits to people. 

The Give One impact framework.

Give One's primary focus is on the intersection of biodiversity, climate, and human development, as these three fields of action are interlinked. This will enable Give One to maximize impact and minimize trade-offs and harmful effects for people and nature.

The Give One funding principles.

To guide the assessment of applications, the impact framework sets out the following 5 principles to inform decision-making.

Shared value.

Initiatives should explicitly consider the interconnectedness between human development, climate change, and biodiversity loss to maximize impact and minimize the risk of doing harm to people and nature.


Initiatives should have a long-term perspective, i.e. a strategy for sustaining results over time.


Initiatives should have a solid intervention logic and measure and report on progress and achievements regularly to ensure they are effectively managed and moving in the right direction.


Initiatives should be cost-effective in their planning and funding modality to maximize impact.

Financial risk.

Operational financial risk is effectively managed.

Our approach.

Many organizations face challenging and unpredictable funding situations, with multiple donors only providing short-term and restricted funding, sometimes not even covering the total costs of their operations. This can lead to unnecessary administration, stress, and inefficiencies and divert valuable time and resources from their mission. To be the best partners and donors, we commit to making it easier and better.


We commit to longer-term funding cycles and disburse funds in advance (quarterly or biannual disbursements) upon completion of agreed reporting.

Covering the total costs.

We are committed to fully resource initiatives that we contribute to and cover all indirect and direct costs that can be justified. This includes a proportional share of, for example, office and audit costs.

Boosting impact.

As part of an initiative, we are open to funding capacity strengthening, institutional development, and equipment to ensure partners have the resources needed to carry out initiatives effectively and maximize impact potential.


We are committed to aligning to our partners' processes and systems and prefer to contribute to more extensive programs or a share of core operations rather than projects funded only by Give One.

Donor harmonization.

We are committed to having a dialogue with other donors to promote the harmonization of requirements for the benefit of partners.


We are open for discussion with our partners on how their financial and operational sustainability and impact potential can be strengthened and if we—as partners—can support this process.

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