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Track CO2 emissions with the Klarna app.

We're on a mission to help you understand the CO₂ footprint of shopping and the impact it has on the planet. With the CO₂ emissions tool in the Klarna app, we're taking the guesswork out of calculating emissions so you always know the shape of your shopping footprint.

How it works. When you make a purchase with Klarna, you’ll see the CO₂ impact of that purchase immediately in the app. Keep checking in to follow how your CO₂ footprint changes month to month, see your highest-impact purchases, and get insights about how emissions affect the planet.

Every bit counts, if you count it. Each purchase has an impact in kilos of carbon, called its “carbon footprint”. We use the Åland Index to calculate the footprint based on the cost of the item and the full carbon footprint of the item's particular category. While we’re constantly working to give you the most accurate insight, the tool can't show your footprint in millimeter detail, yet. But it does give you a good understanding of how your shopping impacts your overall carbon footprint, a great first step in taking action.

You'll find the feature under “CO2 emissions” in the My Klarna tab.