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The impact framework.

Which impact objectives should Give One contribute to and what strategies should be used to reach the aspired changes? That’s what the impact framework outlines. Here’s a short description of what it covers.

The Give One initiative is based on the conviction that impactful planet health action should be easy, transparent, and engaging. In order to source the most impactful projects, the impact framework has been set up. Its purpose is to inform Give One decision-making about where to allocate funding. But let’s start with some background.

The top three risks facing our planet in the coming years in terms of likelihood are all related to the environment, as published in the 2021 Global Risks Report by the World Economic Forum. The ones with the highest impact, after infectious diseases, are said to be climate action failure and biodiversity loss.

Those two vast issues are both closely connected to human lives and livelihoods. They pose significant threats to food security and public health, and the negative impacts are felt all the more by communities that are socially, politically, geographically and/or economically marginalized.

With that in mind, the thematic focus for the Give One impact framework is the nexus between climate action, biodiversity and human development. Inspired by the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Give One stands behind the vision that human society can, and should, continue to develop and thrive, but equitably and sustainably, within the boundaries of the planet.