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Small results from Ali and Hirola Conservation Programme

Two weeks ago we had the opportunity to introduce Ali who is an award-winning conservation ecologist and founder of the Hirola Conservation Programme in Kenya. The organization is on a mission to establish and sustain a conservation program to make lasting contributions to the hirola antelope's future, giraffes, and the local communities living in the area. 

But as the drought continues due to climate changes, Ali is faced with multiple challenges on a daily basis. One of the hardest questions that has emerged is how and what to feed wild animals in the face of uncertainty. 

With some additional funding support and resourcefulness, Ali and his team are testing food supplements for the animals and it's working. A very short-term solution and a long way to go but small wins are still wins.   By choosing to support Ali, you contribute to saving beautiful species from going extinct and restore some hope as the drought continues to tear on wildlife and local communities.

Stay tuned for more updates about Ali and his mission 🌏