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Give One advisory board in place.

The Give One Advisory Board has now been established, and the first members are appointed! We’re excited to announce the individual members over the next few weeks, but for now, in the spirit of transparency and accountability, we’ll explain the process of appointing these five heroes of science and environmentalism!

We don’t claim to be experts on every aspect of planet health. Give One is to be guided by science; therefore, the advisory board members have been selected for their ability to provide objective strategic analysis of academic research. Our criteria went beyond an impressive C.V. and prestigious qualifications, however. We reached out to people from diverse backgrounds, geographically and academically, and to people who can think outside the box and challenge our ideas, while providing an outside perspective.

We created a matrix of skill sets, perspectives, experience, and thematic fields of expertise to narrow down our list of individuals. Having identified a shortlist of potential candidates, we sent out the first invitations, and were overwhelmed by the positive response to our call to arms. It would seem that Give One’s impact framework and our predilection for action over endless discussions resonated with our board members elect.

Our original five-strong panel will facilitate agility in our decision-making processes in these early stages of our journey. As our portfolio of climate initiatives evolves, we’ll aim to incorporate additional expertise and competencies into an expanded advisory board, harnessing our current members’ networks in the process. It’s an exciting path we’re mapping out, through somewhat uncharted waters, but we’re confident we’ve now got the right people on board to help us navigate effectively.

Stay tuned to meet our board members…