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Give One advisor: Carl Gustaf Lundin

Carl Gustaf Lundin. This statesman of sustainability, often impeccably dressed with a dickie-bow when he’s not diving in the deep blue sea, is no stranger to the boardroom. His current role as the CEO of Mission Blue follows 20 years of experience within IUCN as director of the global marine and polar program, principal marine and polar scientist. As if that doesn’t make him well qualified enough, he also worked for 12 years as an environmental specialist for the World Bank. Suffice to say, when he talks, we listen. 

Therefore, we were all ears when Carl Gustaf found a few minutes to talk about his appointment to the new Give One advisory board. 

From where did your interest in science and the environment originate? As a child, I visited many marine biological stations with my father, a geneticist who was working with sea urchins. These experiences gave me a fascination with the ocean and marine life. I later learned to dive and studied biology, and I started seeing dramatic changes in the ocean. This motivated me to dedicate my life to taking care of the ocean and its many creatures.

What attracted you to the Give One mission and a role on the advisory board? We all consume many things in our daily lives, and many of us feel a need to give something back to nature. Give One presents such an opportunity, and I am happy to help advise how such generosity can be channeled to worthy causes like addressing climate change in the ocean.

What excites you about the future of environmentalism? We’ve learned a lot about what works in nature conservation. We are moving away from symbolic gestures that don’t change nature’s health and towards actions that make a difference. Applying science and the use of new technologies to the conservation of the ocean is a good way to help save the planet.

What gives you hope about the future of our planet? I work with Mission Blue on Hope Spots, special places in the ocean where committed individuals and organizations can make a difference. Seeing all the fantastic work our Hope Spot Champions are doing is very inspiring to me and others. I have seen a significant recovery in ocean health where we start to care about the planet and stop being wasteful.

What one piece of advice would you give to individuals concerned about the environment? No one can do everything, but everyone can do something to reduce our footprint on this planet. Make informed choices, care for nature, and treat the oceans as if our lives depend on them; because they do.