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A$AP Rocky funding a tree museum.

A$AP Rocky personally chose to support the Miti Alliance led by environmentalist Michael Waiyaki, when he joined the Give One initiative on June 1. How? Through contributing to the creation of a tree museum. 

Michael Waiyaki and his grassroots organization Miti Alliance have an ambitious goal: to plant millions of trees in Kenya in the coming years. But that’s not all. The planting is also a tool to empower the local community, educate children on climate change, and safeguard tree species under threat.

That’s where the tree museum comes in. A$AP Rocky’s donation will help set up the Miti Museum in Narumoru, Nyeri County. Here, rare species will be able to grow into lush trees, safe from the risk of extinction, whilst also being a source of seeds. A tree nursery at the museum will provide seedlings for reforestation projects, including 40 schools to start with. All schools will receive 50 fruit trees, 30 indigenous trees, 20 exotic trees and a whole lot of education on the importance of trees, so that the children can grow up to become the next generation of environmentalists. A kitchen garden at the museum will showcase agroforestry and regenerative agriculture practices. All in all, this makes the Miti museum initiative a lot bigger than just a tree growing project. It’s a project about educating children, rural farmers and the whole local community, about why they shouldn’t cut down trees, and how they can grow food while also safeguarding the soil and environment. 

Join forces with Rocky and donate directly to grassroots organizations like Miti Alliance, working to plant trees and protect forests here.